BOOKR Kids partnered with Kayany Foundation to provide free secular quality education for the most vulnerable Syrian refugee children

The growing popularity of digital devices and the impact of new technological mediums on the young population is indisputable. Sources of media content have also multiplied, affecting young children’s reading habits and the way they listen to stories.
partnership with kayany foundation

BOOKR Kids is a Hungarian company with a set data-driven project implementation system. Whenever a new project is implemented, the system is used and refined, so that any new learning or issue is documented and used to improve the process going forward. BOOKR Kids’ applications help identify and develop new methods that support reading education by communicating classic storybooks in a new, interactive way for children. BOOKR’s Teacher’s Dashboard empowers teachers to use data in the decision-making process, be more agile in their instruction, and increase students’ performance by personalising learning and pathways. It tracks overall engagement, reading habits, assignment completion, level progression and language skill development.

BOOKR’s learning and teaching environment have been defined as the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts to understand and optimise learning and the environments in which it occurs. The interactive books are placed in the category of “targeted” and “traditional” reader involvement; they are perfect for preserving and spreading reading and storytelling traditions, which are essential for the reader to connect and have a deeper, more profound experience with the story. BOOKR Kids’ interactive books offer new language, visual, communication, performative, etc., qualities that can sustain the recipient’s attention in the long run. They can be successfully incorporated into the process of child-rearing, education and self-improvement.

BOOKR’s literacy solutions are successful in the UAE and Lebanon, where the company is partnered with Kayany Foundation to support Kayany’s dedicated work to provide free secular quality education for the most vulnerable Syrian refugee children and youth. Kayany Foundation is a Lebanese non-governmental organization founded in 2013 in response to the Syrian crisis. During the pilot period, BOOKR provides 200 student licenses and ten teacher licenses to its English as a Foreign Language application, BOOKR Class.  

BOOKR Class is a supplemental educational platform designed to teach English as a Second Language (ESL), comprising a curated selection of engaging, interactive books and gamified multimedia content for children between 4-14. BOOKR Class’ content is aligned with CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference) and with the Lexile system, measuring student knowledge and offering readings accordingly.

During the cooperation, BOOKR and Kayany monitor and evaluate the usage of BOOKR Class, the interest of children, the reading ability and reading engagement. As a research methodology, they use statistic data to capture and inform impact, including if this BOOKR Class implementation:

  • has a positive effect on students’ engagement,
  • has a positive impact on students’ English skills,
  • is useful for teachers and helps teachers understand their students’ reading ability, engagement and English language skills,
  • can provide tangible guidance toward additional support or methodology engagement for teachers or students for improved learning outcomes.

Further data collected from the system:

  • time spent reading in total and per user
  • number of books opened and read in total and per user
  • title of books opened and read by a student
  • number of tasks completed in total and per user
  • number of assignments completed in total and per user

Creating a culture around data-driven instruction requires transparency, trust and a willingness to rethink assumptions. For administrators, data in schools can improve ROI on technology investments and highlight best practices. 

When formulating a new project/programme or a revision, BOOKR is following UN project cycle as an implementation method:

1) Review prior evaluation results, recommendations and lessons learned. Evaluation enables continuous improvement and learning to be used for new strategies, programmes and projects; 2) Review evaluation plans to ensure coordination and coherence of evaluation activities; 3) Carefully plan the timing of the evaluations; and, 4) Ensure sufficient funding (calculated with the Evaluation Budget Matrix). The planning stage further includes consultation with stakeholders (Stake Holder Survey, SWOT Analysis). Then as PHASE2 they are developing the program and mobilizing resources to be able to prepare for the local implementation. Then comes the implementation and monitoring. Evaluation is often seen as an “end of project cycle” exercise. Evaluation, however, plays a distinct role at all stages of the project cycle.

BOOKR Kids’ mission is to make data-driven technological tools available for teachers and students around the world, this way promoting literature and storytelling, enhancing reading comprehension and supporting cultural awareness, critical thinking and social-emotional learning. Through large-scale international collaborations BOOKR Kids has the chance to provide a soothing environment for the most vulnerable population as well.